The NEW 8800i2 main entrance energy system has a depth of 77mm and changes the game, by offering all the advantages of thermal insulation, waterproofing and design solutions. Plus, an additional i2 technology foam thermal insulation zone optimises the isothermal curves at the intersection of the frame and eliminates radiant heat transmission.


  • Application of special modular polyamide bars with glass reinforcement 25% and maximum width 34mm – for excellent thermal insulation and additional rigidity.

  • Specially designed central treads, which cover the entire surface of the polyamide so as to stop heat flow.

  • Additional heat-insulating foam zone of i2 technology.

  • Certified safety level RC3 (WK3).

  • Innovative flatness corners made of polyamide material with specially designed channels and a hole for glue inflow.

  • Reinforced profile wall thickness (1.5mm – 1.8mm) with high moment of inertia for large and complex constructions.

  • Three layers of EPDM rubber and continuous central gaskets in the case, sheet and baseboard.

  • EPDM corners for all centre gaskets in the case, sheet and baseboard.

  • Exceptionally designed TPV bidet cap with smart buttoning slots for central insertion and perfect fitting to the profile for optimal waterproofing.

  • Modular thermal breaks on all sheet profiles, minimising possible malfunctions due to profile contraction caused by high-temperature difference.

  • Easy access for disabled persons, with a threshold height of only 20mm.

  • Possibility of incorporating an automatic wind deflector.

  • Option of adding a concealed hinge or a heavy-duty external hinge.


Accompanied by the commonly accepted certification of the ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany for optimum performance in all factors related to an interior space.

ALTECH’s painting process is certified and carried out in accordance with the European QUALICOAT painting standard.