The profiles of the Arcade series come in a flat or rounded design and achieve excellent thermal insulation, enabling the construction of any type of window. They provide sound insulation and high protection against attempted break-ins, while they offer the possibility of greater anti-intrusion protection if they are upgraded to security windows.


The key features of the series are its robust frame construction, excellent thermal insulation, and protection it provides against moisture and oxidation. Additionally, they yield resistance against wind penetration and water inflow from heavy rainfall since they are distinguished for their excellent water drainage ability.

The series includes a wide range of cases and construction types. They are also available in various colours, such as trendy shades of grey, and lots of finishes, such as the wood one.


DECEUNINCK profiles meet all the specifications set by international certifications. DECEUNINCK is a founding member of the “KUNSTOFFENSTER-RECYCLING” initiative under the name REWINDO GMBH, representing the leading German manufacturers of synthetic profiles.