Elegant is a highly flexible system, equipped with excellent performance features, which guarantee maximum compatibility in new buildings and renovations. Thanks to its slim appearance, it creates a new generation of window designs, and its large windows offer a luminous atmosphere for your home.
Deceuninck received the German Design Award and the Red Dot Award for this pioneering innovation.


  • Window dimensions up to 2,6m in height.
  • First class thermal insulation coefficient Uf=0,90W/m2K using the innovative glass fibre technology ThermoFibra system.
  • Thermal insulation coefficient for the entire Elegant window up to Uw 0.62 W/m2K.
  • Sound insulation for class 5 sound protection.
  • Special adhesive technology allows the construction of particularly large, stable windows.


Elegant sets new benchmarks in sustainability as it is made from the environmentally friendly recycled material EcoPowerCore.


Accompanied by the commonly accepted certification of the ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany for optimum performance in all factors related to an interior space.

For this groundbreaking innovation, Deceuninck received the German Design Award and the Red Dot Award.