The SMARTIA M630 PHOS sliding system is all about minimalism. It incorporates its simple-yet-chic aesthetic into modern homes, while providing high thermal insulation. Based on this minimalistic approach, all aluminum profiles can seamlessly be hidden inside the masonry, providing an overall sense of comfort and warmth. Plus, thanks to its large glass particles, it enhances natural lighting coming through the room without compromising safety, sound insulation, and ease of use.


The SMARTIA M630 PHOS has excellent energy efficiency.

UW: 1,43 W/m2K
Waterproofing: CLASS 7A
Air permeability: CLASS 4
Wind resistance: C5
Sound reduction: 42 dB


Double leaf sliding overlay

Double leaf overlay with window net

Sliding overlay with fixed panel

Three leaf sliding overlay

Four leaf sliding overlay

Four leaf overlay with window net

Two leaf sliding overlay with fixed panel

Single leaf recessed

Double leaf sealed and recessed

Single leaf recessed with window net

Double leaf recessed with window net



Accompanied by the commonly accepted certification of the ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany for optimum performance in all factors related to an interior space.