The SMARTIA S350 is a modern and versatile thermally insulated door and window unit featuring straight, simple lines Thanks to its handy construction and cost-effectiveness, it is considered an ideal sliding system for replacements or renovations. Other main features include its user-friendliness and noticeable enhancement of natural lighting when set in space, thanks to its smart design.


The energy-saving features generated by the SMARTIA S350 series are outstanding. That’s the reason why it has been qualified for all climate zones, following the Building Energy Efficiency Regulation guidelines.

Waterproofing: CLASS 7A
Air permeability: CLASS 4
Wind pressure resistance: C2/B3
Sound reduction: 28 dB
Thermal insulation UF: from 2.9 to 4.8 W/m²K


Double leaf sliding overlay

Three leaf sliding overlay

Four leaf sliding overlay

Double leaf overlay with window net

Four leaf overlay with window net

Two leaf sliding overlay with window net and roller

Single leaf recessed with shutter

Single leaf sliding with window net and shutter

Double leaf recessed with window net and shutter

Single leaf recessed with window net and roller blind

Double leaf overlapping with skylight

Double leaf overlapping sliding with fixed panel


Accompanied by the commonly accepted certification of the ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany for optimum performance in all factors related to an interior space.